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"DBMan does the basic stuff better"

Database Management Tool, Query Tool, SQL Tool

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People have basic things they do with databases.  DBMan is focused on doing those basic things better than most of the other guys out there. You want all the bells and whistles, many of which you will probably never use, and cost is not that important to you?  Then, DBMan is NOT FOR YOU.  DBMan is not afraid to point you in another direction if you want it all (SQL Developer, Toad, SQL Navigator, WinSQL Pro, Advanced Query Tool).  How much of that stuff do you really use with these "we have it all" database tools?  Even with the basic stuff, DBMan still offers enough feature flexibility to keep you happy and is continually responding to user requests to add those extra features that most of you want.

So, Why pay $300-$3000 for other similar tools when you can have the FREE version of DBMan!

Key Benefits

  • Works with most database vendors.

  • Native database drivers for Oracle, MS SQL Server, and Sybase.
  • JDBC Driver support
  • ODBC driver support.
  • Query/Update with or without direct SQL

  • Import/Export
  • Sophisticated Data Bulking.
  • Reverse Engineer or Forward Engineer.
  • Advanced filtering and sorting of datawindow result sets.
  • DDL/DML migration across heterogeneous databases.
  • Schema comparisons across heterogeneous databases.
  • Data comparisons across tables in different databases.

DBMan is a user-friendly, database tool/query tool/SQL tool.  Query, update, import, export, bulk up tables, ETL.  Use SQL or just update cells in the datawindow to propagate your changes back into the database. Just do it with DBMan!  Works with DB2 (UDB and ZOS), Oracle, MS SQL Server, Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA), Firebird, etc.  DBMan! can connect to any database via ODBC or the DBMan-provided native database drivers.  Access databases with DBMan!  Database management is so much easier with DBMan!  The power of DBMan! is the datawindow grid, where SQL results are shown.  You can sort, filter, save, import data, and so much more!  Generate DDL on the fly and copy a table and its contents from one database vendor to another using the Pipeit Interface in DBMan

There are other database tools, SQL tools, or Query Tools on the market that cost a lot more and a have a lot of extra features that you will probably never use!  So why pay more? 

DBMan: Doin' the Basic Stuff Better!

Questions? Comments?  Contact DBMan at DBMan@sqlexec.com.



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